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About Salubris Health

At Salubris Health, our approach to health care is deeply embedded in the relationships that we form with each other, and with the people and communities we serve. Our care team leads with love, and is committed to helping you achieve wellness. Our mission is to empower our patients and their families to live happier and healthier lives. We’re moving the health equation from what’s the matter with you, to what matters to you? Most importantly, we would like to assist you in becoming an active participant in your own well-being.

We have adopted best-practice health care principles from around the world, including from the USA, New Zealand and UK, and localised them to the Australian context.  Our model of care is deeply embedded in the principles of the Patient-Centred Medical Home, designed to give our patients more control, our practice team an environment where quality of care and innovation can flourish and enable truly proactive, coordinated care for those that need it most. It breaks down the professional and system barriers that we know prevent patients from getting the best care.


1. Dedicated to better.

Our founder has visited a number of leading general practices internationally that have made it their mission to deliver exceptional care to the communities they serve. One such practice is Cambridge Health Alliance in Boston, USA, a vibrant, innovative health system accredited as a Patient-Centred Medical Home. We adopt an international perspective and have forged relationships that will allow us to continually evolve and bring you best practice from around the world. We are a learning organisation, committed to  continual quality improvement.

We aim to measure our success by listening to what our patients say about us. Our ultimate measure of quality is whether or not our actions have had a meaningful impact on our patients and their families. We aspire to deliver the six core attributes of the Patient-Centred Medical Home as defined by the Oregon Health Authority Primary Care home Program.

Improved access: “Health care team, be there when I need you”

Accountability; “Take responsibility for making sure we receive the best possible health care”

Comprehensive: “Provide or help us get the health care, information and services we need”

Continuous: “Be our partner in time in caring for us”

Coordinated and integrated: “Help us navigate the health care system to get the care we need in a safe and timely way”

Patient-Centred: “Recognise that we are the most important part of the care team, and that we are ultimately responsible for our overall health and wellness”

Adapted from the Oregon Health Authority Primary Care Home Program Core Attributes

2. Outcomes that matter.

We have adopted the quadruple aim as our outcomes framework, and aim to routinely measure our progress across all four of these aims.

  1.  Enhanced Patient Experience
  2. Care Team Well-Being
  3. Sustainable Cost
  4. Quality and Population Health

Enhanced Patient Experience

  • Care tailored to your needs
  • Coordinated,  comprehensive, safe and effective care
  • Timely and equitable access
  • Increased skills and confidence to manage your own care

Care Team Well-Being

  • Increased care team satisfaction
  • Increased flexibility and scope for innovation
  • Leadership and team-based approach
  • A practice culture of quality improvement

Sustainable Cost

  • Cost reduction in service delivery
  • Increased resourcing to primary care
  • Improved access to primary care
  • Reduced demand on hospitals

Quality and Population Health

  • Improved quality of care
  • Reduced disease burden
  • Improved focus on prevention
  • Improvement in behavioural and physical health

3. Grounded in Best Practice.

We commit to embedding everything we do in best practice.

We use the Ten Building Blocks of High-Performing Primary Care as our implementation framework to ensure that our practices deliver the essential elements of primary care to facilitate high performance.

The framework was developed by Dr Tom Bodenheimer and team using site visits, the experiences of practice facilitators, a review of existing models, and research on primary healthcare improvement and practice transformation.

The building blocks include four foundational elements: engaged leadership, data-driven improvement, empanelment (patient registration), and team-based care.

These foundational elements support the implementation of the other six building blocks: patient-team partnership, population management, continuity of care, prompt access to care, comprehensiveness and care coordination, and a template of the future.

Salubris Health

Truly Person-Centred Health Care